Apental Calc Apk Download Latest V3.55 For Android

Apental Calc Apk Download Latest V3.55 For Android

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Apental calc Apk

Social media became a vital part of everyone’s life. Advancement in technology made us modern and increases our social circle. It let us share our photos, life events, videos and much more on social media on a daily bases. There exist hundreds of social media plate forms used around the globe. Among them, Facebook is the most common and widely used social media. Get it free Apental Calc Apk from here for your android device.

FB popularity causes us all to share and post pictures, videos, etc on it. It is a matter of fact that we want people to like our pictures and comment on it. But we can’t force anyone to do so. Thanks to an amazing application “Apental Calc Apk for android” which helps to get thousands of likes in just a few minutes.

It is a facebook auto liker for all android devices. This app provides you the chance to get millions and billions of likes on your pictures. It also generates auto comments, follower and page likes. It will make you popular like a celebrity.

Main features:

  • Save and secure.
  • Free for a life-time, no hidden charges.
  • Use- friendly interface.
  • Get unlimited likes on Facebook within a minute.
  • It occupies very little space on your Smartphone.
  • Get auto comments, followers and page likes.
  • Get likes on videos you share and upload on facebook.

How to install and Use Apental Calc Apk

You get to know the fantastic function of Apental software from my article. The app can be easily downloaded from the link provided for entirely free. No hide amount can charge. This is safe to download from our link as you will not find it on Google play.

With its download, go to the installed apps and open facebook auto liker. It will take you to the facebook profile you logged in it on your android devise. Select the picture or page you want likes. Hit the option of “want to like this”. All is done. Now enjoy getting unlimited likes.


  • This application makes you famous via auto likes, comment, and followers from people around the globe.  It allows you to be a known face for the world.
  • Experience of your online presences will shine with Apental. It will enable you to stun your friends with a huge number of likes within minutes.
  • This application will help you boost your business. Design a business page on facebook and promote your products and services. Don’t hesitate about likes. Apental calc is here to show off your reputation by thousands of likes.
What not to Do???

Before began to use Apental Apk few things are important to be kept in mind. The picture on which you want likes, do not like it on your own. Firstly unlike your picture to get the auto likes.

If you have set your privacy setting to private than auto liker is not functional in such circumstances. As FB has many restrictions, it won’t give you likes on your private profile. Thus, make your photo public to likes.

Apental calc Apk gives you likes from other’s accounts, similarly, your account is used to like someone else pictures and posts. Use alternate profile using Apental rather than using the original one.


This is the most widely used auto liker to experience unlimited likes and be popular. Download from the link given and install it on your device. I would love to know your experiences with Apental calc Apk for android under comment section. Do rate it and share with nears and dears.  

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Category: Social

License: Free

Updated: September 24, 2019

Size: 4MB

Version: 3.55