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The checkers game is a traditional board game that offers a joyful play around the checkers. It comes with different levels of difficulty that make it great for players to choose the level according to their skills. Besides that, you can play games with friends and family or even against your computer counterparts if you are alone at your place.

However, we will share the Checkers Game with our checker players. Here you can find tons of the best games for your Android tablets and phones. I hope when playing the draft game on your Android device you will enjoy it. So, download Checkers free for Android mobiles from here.

Review of the checker’s board game:

Checkers is an APK-based basic board game application with multiple game levels. It is one of the best Android apps to spend your leisure while playing any game from the huge varieties it offers. There are six board and component themes available in the game. Five different game modes, including international, English, Spanish, Argentine, and Turkish, are available.

Moreover, checkers allow you to play against a friend on the same screen in a two-player offline mode. You can opt to play with a computer or one of your friends online and offline too. If you are a beginner you can choose the easier level and keep learning the rules and gradually progress and climb up the ladder of difficulty level and win every game.

In addition to the above, it provides enables and disables the feature of force captures into the player’s hands. The checkers’ board game is all in your control and allows you to fully enjoy your free time. Let me assure you that you will never get bored of it and instantly will fall for the game.

The Gameplay of Checkers:

Checkers is an easy game to learn and play. On an 8 by 8 crosshatched board, players can move disc-shaped pieces. Only one space at a time is moved as the pieces move diagonally. The opponent’s disc is taken by a player whose piece successfully hops over an adjacent piece of their opponent and into an open area. To defeat your opponents, you’ll need to exercise your intellect and specific tricks. Whenever possible take the jumping moves, it will not only improve your strategic movement but add cause a win.

Features of Checkers Game APK:

There are dozens of features that make the board game of checkers unique and stand out among other games. Why don’t you look at the following main features that will definitely persuade you to click on the download checker option?

  1. This game supported 10 different rules of checkers.
  2. There are seven levels of difficulty.
  3. Tow player mode.
  4. Game helpers are available.
  5. There are five different themes (Black, Gold, Light, Art, and Dark)
  6. Realistic graphics.
  7. Sound effects
  8. The size of the game is small which is easily shown on your device.
  9. Free to download
  10. safe and secure
  11. User-friendly interface
  12. Gives the best experience of joy in your spare time

Rules for playing the Checkers or Draft game:

Therefore, The game of checkers has 10 rules. It is up to the player’s choice to select any one rule and play the game with either a live opponent both online and offline or with the computer. You can master every rule and get a thrilling experience of checker’s victories each time. The 10 different rules of the draft game are as under:

  • English checkers which are also known as American checkers.
  • Russian Draughts.
  • International checkers.
  • Brazilian Checkers.
  • Spanish Checkers.
  • Pool Checkers.
  • Italian Checkers.
  • Czech checkers.
  • Thai checkers are also known as Machos
  • Turkish checkers.

If you want to download the Checkers App then flow the download link which is given at the bottom of this page. Thanks for visit to my website and in case you need other Android games and apps then visit my homepage. 

How to download and install the Checkers Game?

You can download the Checkers game APK file right now from this page. Here, you will get not only detailed information about the checkers rather the safe and secure link as well. So, go to the bottom of the article where you will find the latest link for the application. Hit on the “DOWNLOAD” button and wait for a few moments till the process ends.

Then, you can install an APK file simply by tapping on the file name after downloading it and opening it with your preferred file manager. You must enable unknown sources in your Android settings if the installation doesn’t begin. You can find more information about Checkers on the developer’s website if you’re interested.


How many checkers are in a Checker game?

In Checkers, every player put their pieces on the 12 squares in three rows on the board. These three rows have four checkers each, and the row close to one player is called the King Row.

How to play the Chinese checker game?

Chinese checkers game is a strategy-based board game that two to 6 people play. You can also play individually or with partners. The game’s goal is to use single-step moves or jumps to bring all the pieces of one player to home, which is the star’s corner opposite to one’s starting corner. ┬áThe ones who are left get second and third place for who finishes first.

Which came first, checkers or chess?

Checkers is older than chess and came first. Historians state that checkers were first discovered in Iraq and go back to 3000 BC, almost 5000 years ago. However, chess was discovered only 1500 years ago.

Where can I play Checker online for free?

To play Checkers online for free, download the game APK file from here and install it on your Android device or computer. It is completely free to download and doesn’t require any cost.

How to play checkers with friends online?

Checker’s simple mode usually involves only the computer versus you; however, you can also play with your friends online by using the invite friend option.


In short, Checkers game is the best game to have an amazing basic board game experience. So, download the APK of the latest version of Checkers to enjoy your leisure time playing with one of your friends or computer on the rules you selected. And do share your experience app with your family and friends and refer them to this website. Thank you all for visiting my page and trusting the link and content we provide.

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September 29, 2023