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the Temple Run Game Latest V1.58.1 Download For Android. Temple run is a world famous game. Now Run 2 Game is available For Free. This game is very amazing many levels are available for playing if you complete the first level then you easily play to the second level.
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Temple Run2

Today I am going to share one of the most latest Android phone Games for our Android phone players that Temple Run 2 sports. This game is specifically designed for those Android phone users who are willing to play the game on their Android smartphones.So, You can get temple-run games free from here for your Android smartphone. therefore, Now you can play the temple run game on your Android phone. So, You can play this game on all Android mobile phones like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, or all Android phones and tablets. You can get the latest version 1.58.1 of this game from here.

Temple Run 2 Game

Temple Run game image studios’ sequel to its endless runner classic of the same name is a great example of what to do with the second entry into an arcade series. it is a mobile game. This is a very interesting game run 2 is the latest version. This game is very amazing many levels are available for playing if you complete the first level then you easily play to the second level. The main interesting thing about this game is when you run then the other person flows you this thing is like an example of our life where every person tries to catch him. On android mobiles very easy to play just click the start option and play it if you want to download this game then the download link is available at the last bottom of this page.

Can I never get these monkeys off my back:

In temple run 2, you must again try to escape with the cursed idol that you stole from the game, while still being chased by the Evil Demon Monkeys. Through you will still be running, of course, sliding, jumping, and turning, you will also have to navigate cliff, zip lines, mines, and forests. If you want to play the next level of the then you should have to collect the coins which help to play the next level of the game or you purchase currency with microtransactions. That means not to purchase currency it’s up to whether you purchase or not temple run game. does not really force to purchase but taking the easy way out by buying a pack of coins is tempting.

How To Play Temple Run Game:

The same process controls the original. of Temple Run game. therefore, You slope to move horizontally or vertically and collect coins, swipe. So, Up to jump, and put down to slide. To change directions left or right, you swipe in that direction. If you play the Run originally, then run 2 is very easy. There some input detection issue with Temple run 2 though. Irregularly when swiping to jump or slide, the game did not register and I crashed into a tree or wall. Other times, it would register a sideswipe incorrectly and I would lose. This can get trying especially when you have progressed far to a level of Run 2. run has many different levels as compared to the Run originally.

What is important?

The most important thing is that you never stop running because if you stop running the Temple Run game is over. So keep running continually and enjoyed the Run 2 game. If you enjoyed Temple Run, Temple Run is going to eat all your free time.


  • There are many levels of play
  • More interesting as compared to temple run original
  • Very easy to play
  • Much more……….

Supported Following Mobile devices:

  • Android mobiles
  • Smartphone’s
  • Tablets etc.

How to Download Temple Run 2 Game:

Very easy to install this Run Game. First, click the download link which is available on the button on this page you first click. then you are go to the folder save file. Then double-click the file then click the install option know your Game completely installs and functions better as compared to the previous option. If you like this article and you feel that this is helpful. Then give feedback to visit our homepage because here many other APKS & games are available which fulfill your other requirements of your PC and android mobile phones. So must visit my site and take benefits from here.


How many levels are there in Temple Run 2 game?

Temple Run game includes 44 objectives which are to be completed throughout the game. It
consists of eighteen maps and has an infinite number of levels. This is because it is a running
game and has no end. The player can play until he crashes into an obstacle or falls in the water.

How to cheat on Run 2 game?

Here are some tips for cheating in Run 2 game. First, collect some free coins before you
start running. To get free coins, go to the app store in-game and click on Get free stuff. It will
show you a list of how to get free coins, such as it will ask you to like the game on Facebook or
follow Temple Run on Twitter. This gives you approximately 250 coins extra. You can also get
free gems by doing what the list says. More gems and coins will allow you to play for longer and
buy stuff from coins.

When did Temple Run come out?

Temple Run game was published on Google Play Store on 4 the August 2011. Run 2
Android version was launched on Play Store on 24 the January 2013.

Can you win Run 2?

You can beat your highest scores in Run 2; however, there is no end to this game. You
cannot wholly win this game as it has an unlimited number of levels. You can play until you
stumble into a rock or any obstacle and get captured by the demon monkey following you.

How do you get unlimited gems on Temple Run ?

To get unlimited gems on Temple Run , follow the given tips regularly:
1. Open every chest you get after every 4 hours. The chest contains gems.
2. To get free gems, follow and like Run on their official social media accounts. You
get three free gems for every like or follow.
3. If you have been given a video clip to watch, watch it as it also rewards you with free gems.
4. One way to get unlimited gems is to buy them from the store in-game.
5. Complete challenges and artifacts collection to get gems as rewards.

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Developer: Visit Website

Category: Action

Offered By: Imangi Studios

Require Android: 4.1 and up

Old Version



Size: 78MB

Current Version: 1.58.1


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