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With every passing day, new software and applications are emerging in the world. People are trying to introduce novelty in their products but seems like ideas are exhausted. Sometimes, an old app may make a comeback with new updates. FaceApp for Android, an apk app first released in Feb 2017 for Androids gone viral again due to its new old-age filter.

FaceAPP Review:

It is a picture-editing app. Basically, this app uses AI filters with the most advanced neural portrait editing technology to alter images. What is so novel with editing pictures by the way? Open the Play Store you might find thousands of apps available for editing pictures. But wait; there is a strong feature of this app that gave it popularity around the globe, especially among celebrities.

It gives a clear more realistic edit to pictures, especially the aging effect of the app. If you want to find out what you look like, after 50 years, FaceApp will give you the most realistic image of yours. You can say it is a photo-altering app and it is fun. Even if you feel like your picture is not looking like yours then you can manually edit some face parts of yours.

What Are The Key Features?

There are many other apps for editing and altering pictures and every app has a strong feature that makes it a hit. In the case of Face App, the strong feature is its facial transformations. The app has many filters which make you look younger or older. It also has features that swap the gender. It can also make your picture smile even if your mouth is closed in real.

Moreover, you can change your facial feature using the Face App for Android. Such as your hair color, you can even apply makeup on your face, and you can add tattoos to your face as well. Besides, it also lets the users change the picture’s background. In addition, the user can add hairstyles, glasses, and bread.

How it works??

FaceApp doesn’t process the user’s photos on the local device. Firstly, it uploads the photo from the phone gallery to the cloud. After that, it processes the image through AI on its server. And finally, they send it back to the user. Most of the photos uploaded are deleted after 48 hours. Moreover, users can also request to delete their data.

The success story of old age filter

Nowadays, every success story starts with a hashtag. The success story of the old age filter starts with #agechallenge, an online challenge similar to Snapchat’s baby filter trend a few months back. Meanwhile, the old filter gained much popularity and everyone is doing old age challenges. Above all, celebrities around the globe give a boost to the popularity of FaceApp.

user’s privacy:

It is back with a boom so are users’ privacy concerns. With fun, there comes the risk to the user’s social security. As Face App uploads, user’s photos to its servers. Users are very angry about it. Moreover, many people believe that they sell users’ data to other organizations or transfer it to Russia. But it is not all true, we constantly upload our images on Google and Facebook servers.

The only difference is that Face App is a Russian-based startup, on the other hand, Google and Facebook belong to America. So, Russian-based startups will also do wrong in the opinion of Americans. Many software experts investigated the app and cleared the concerns of the users. It also released its statement regarding the privacy concerns of users. They say no data is transferred to Russia or any other organization.

Still, we need to be concerned about our privacy. And thoroughly understand the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the company. Did I miss anything that you want to know about FaceApp? If so, then mention it in the comment section below. That’s all for today guys. Don’t forget to share this information. Also, download the app from the link mentioned at the end of the page.

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February 21, 2024