Go launcher EX

Go Launcher EX

Welcome to an astonishing app for your Android device. Go launcher EX is a customized home screen application that alters the stock launcher of the device. It changes the operating system and gives more Appling colors, nice looks, and many widget style options. Are you habitual in changing the wallpapers and the background of your mobile???? Do you want an app that provides you with the highest level of customization???? Or you are bored because of the same look as your mobile home screen for a long time. Then you must try using Go Launcher an amazing app which will stand on all your wishes.

Go launcher EX Review:

Go launcher EX is the best launcher for your device. The format is in APK. It is a combination of features that are easy and interesting for users. Go launcher is fast in function. It offers a peak level of customization. This launcher has a long list of themes. Customization will allow you to choose these themes according to your mood and the type of your phone.

Go launcher EX themes come with the finest themes that are organized properly. Many themes that you will love to apply to your phone. This app is free. No doubt it is the most popular and powerful launcher. It is safe to use. It won’t do any damage to your phone and its operating system. Rather it only offers many ways to beautify the home screen and change the styles of the icons of your Android.

List of customizations:

  • Home screen transitions
  • The App drawer
  • Styles of App icons
  • Easier themes to apply
  • Fonts of the Apps
  • Allows to change dock (you can have a maximum of 15 most recently used apps in the dock)

The App drawer in the go launcher theme:

The app drawer is the most powerful feature with many customization options. It hides apps and removes the running apps instantly if the user wants to. Most recently used apps can be easily seen. Editing of the background is available under the app drawer. The selection of either a vertical or horizontal app drawer is present too. It also gives the option to opt for the wonderful transition effects in the horizontal app drawer.

Easier themes to apply:

Go launcher theme gives one-click access to a variety of themes to choose from. It allows you to change the aspects of individual icons on the different desks of your device. In some themes, it is possible to arrange the icons in a circle to easily asses them by rotation. Some other themes allow you to adjust the displacement of the screen of the device.

Why choose to Go launcher EX APK?

Go launcher is the most powerful launcher that is ever available. It is a free and user-friendly app. This provides customization features that anyone can’t think of. Along with beautifying your mobile screen transition backgrounds, provides a wide array of themes to select according to your interest.  It lets you add more colors to the screen and can be comfortably manageable. This won’t take up a huge space for your Android device.

Hope all my good readers are willing to use it. So, why are you waiting for…. Just go to the bottom of the article and click the link to download this amazing launcher from Android-apks. Then, install the app and enjoy using your mobile with a screen full of nice colors, different icon styles, an app drawer, etc. I am excited to know about your views so, do write about your views in the comment section. And of course, do rate this app too.

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January 18, 2024