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Nova Launcher

Welcome to a wonderful APK format-based application, “the Nova launcher”. This launcher is an amazingly customizable and handy home screen replacement for your Android Device. Nova brings powerful and amazing customizable features that are user-friendly are fast. Are you tired of the constant look of your mobile? Are you in search of a launcher that will provide easy customization??? Then it is the right page for you. This launcher app is a powerful replacement for your phone’s home screen. It allows the user to alter the view of the home screen according to their desire. 

Nova Launcher Review:

Nova launcher is on the top of the launcher lists of the Play Store. It is the best launcher for Android so far. This launcher leads you to control and manage mobile home screen layout, icons, animation, and many more. the launcher is saved to download from the link given at the bottom of the page as it is free of any viruses. It is easy to download and install within a few moments.

Main features of Launcher APP:

  • Fast to download and install.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It takes up a little space on your device.
  • Safe and secure to use as it doesn’t have any kind of virus to damage your system.
  • Provide the highest level of customization of layout, icons, background, labels, and much more.
  • It backs up and stores the desktop layout and launcher settings.

Why choose Nova Launcher APK?

Being fast, free, and user-friendly Nova is a popular and widely accepted launcher. Its updated versions are often released. Each time it comes up with new innovative features that attract more people to try it.

Icon themes

This launcher supports thousands of icon themes to be chosen for the home screen from the Play Store.

App drawer

horizontal and vertical app drawer customization is available.

Backup and store

It allows you to back up and store your desktop layout and launcher settings.

Adjustment of color

Nova provides the chance to change and control the color of the layout, labels, folders, background, app drawer, unread messages, etc.

Infinite scroll

infinite scroll feature of the launcher the favorite pages of a user will not be thrown far away. This feature of the launcher helps to revisit favorite pages easily.


This launcher allows the user to open the liked home screen by just double-tapping, swiping, and pinching on the home screen.

Shows notification of unread material

This feature of the launcher will notify the user about a new message, Gmail, and Hangout.  It helps the user to not miss out on any new staff.

Subgrid positioning

Many launchers lack the feature of subgrid positioning. It is the Nova launcher that does have this, making it possible to swap the recently opened pages halfway.


These are the few important actions you can perform using the Nova Launcher app. So why are you waiting for??? So go to the bottom of this page and find the option of download. Hit the download option with full enthusiasm. It won’t take too much of your time. Install and enjoy it using. If you think it is worthy enough then kindly share it with your family and friends. And yeah do like and comment also. Thank you!

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January 18, 2024