Skater Game APK Latest V1.6.0.8 Download Free For Android

Skater Game APK Latest V1.6.0.8 Download Free For Android
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  • Android 4+
  • V1.6.0.8
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Hello gamer, If you are a fan of skating then you have the chance to experience the real game right now on your mobile phone. Isn’t it woo news? Yes, here you will get the latest Skater Game and all the information about it. Read the article till the end to explore amazing facts about your favorite game.

A skater is a skateboard simulator, with realistic physical models, excellent designs of graphics, authentic control systems, and wonderful skate parks. But the real popularity is, the unique experience given to users. Like, For the realization of being a real athlete, colors, various boards, and clothes make the atmosphere of the game close to reality.

What is Skater Game APK?

Skating game is one of the best and most popular games for Android. There are many games available here you can get them without any payment. In case you have any issues we will help you. Here you can get it for free download for your android devices. If you want to download the game for free, we recommend you select your mobile model, and then our system will choose the most suitable apk files for your android smartphone.

Here, the latest version of the Skater boy game available on this site. if you want to play any type of game that is entertaining you at any time. Then must download the skater game on your android device and play the most popular and interesting game on your smartphone. The APK files are free of cost for all android users worldwide. you can also get Solitaire Spider game free from this site, it is also an interesting game.

The boy game is so easy to play but super fun. The controlling system of this game is very clear and simple and also is carried out only by 2 fingers. Same as other Android games this game has more than 90 levels when you complete the first level successfully then you are able to play the next level of this game and each with its features.

Furthermore, You can pick a skate of your choice, paint it with your favorite color, add drawings and pick up clothes and shoes of any tone. While playing the game start learning different tricks to perform stunts on a rolling park or skyscraper roof and gets a reward. It provides rewards for each achievement and will pass to the next level. Each level will offer elaborate skate parks with stunning locations. It will make you more relaxed.

Features Of Skater Mod APK:

Many characteristics of the skating game make them incredibly popular among gamers. Some of which are briefly discussed here. Have a look at the following features. I am sure you will love the game.

  • Free to download

Most of the popular games are not accessible to everyone due to the heavy cost. Skater game is absolutely free to download and enjoy skating without paying a penny.

  • Safe and secure:

It is our utmost pleasure to share the safest secure links with our visitors. So, don’t worry about being spammed and malware. Your device is safe.

  • Easy to play:

The game offers a user-friendly interface which makes it very simple to play the game with just two fingers and control your balance on the skateboard and achieve your targets and get medals.

  • Elaborated skate parks:

This game has elaborate stake parks in the city, Skyscrapers roofs with railing, pipes, slides, and many more to make your journey memorable and master the stunning tricks to pass the hurdles.

  • Realistic Physics:

It has realistic physics that makes the experience more realistic and fell off the athlete to the player. Moreover, the excellent graphic is enough to keep the player on track.

  • Customized stake board:

An amazing feature of the game is its customized stake boards. Players can choose a skate of their choice, paint it, add drawings, shoes and clothes, and much more. This definitely makes the game more adorable.

  • Camera:

The game comes with a camera that helps the skater see different locations and set strategies for how to pass a specific obstacle in the park, roof, or anywhere else.

Additional Features:

  • Clear and simple pictures
  • More than 90 cool and addictive levels
  • 3 different terrains
  • Escape from police
  • Simple and amazing touch controls.
  • Speeding Up
  •  Jumping
  • And much more

Skater Game Download and Installation Process:

Now, You can get this game from this website completely free. Downloading is very simple first of all select the desired game for free and click the download link which is available at the bottom of this page. Once Downloaded then click on the file to install. Then follow a few easy steps, and you will enjoy the full version of this game for Android phones or tablets.

Therefore, The most important thing when downloading is completed then you have to install the game on your Android device because if you cannot install the game on your device then you are never able to play the game. If you like this game and you want to download then click the download link which is given below.

How do play a Skater Game APP?

The Skater game is one the most interesting as compared to other Android pro-Games. In this game, you have to perform various tricks in the air and landing safety. Very easy to play the game first tap the two bottoms on the screen the right one is accelerating and the other one is jumping and tricks in the air can get extra points.

Skateboard players perform tricks and struggle in various areas like the park, market, and skyscraper roofs. All stunts at the start are automatic, you need to keep your balance to go ahead in the game. Sometimes, you have to play mini-reaction games in order to stay in the game.

Although, skating is simple to play and enjoy on your android device just by using two fingers and controlling your balance. But, mastering the game really needs time and effort to have a grip on the tricks and perfect timing to move forward.


Is the Skate game free?

Yes, the Skate game is free. you can download it on your mobile phone or PC and enjoy skating and exploring wonderful locations virtually.

Why skateboard game is popular among android games?

Skateboard game comes with realistic physics and excellent graphics but it is popular for the realization of a real athlete in the game and mastering stunning tricks.

Who sang skater boy?

The Skater boy song was well composed by the Canadian singer and songwriter. The famous personality behind this fantastic creation is Arvil Lavigne. The skater boy song was released as the second single from the album.

How old was Avril Lavigne in skater boy?

Arvil Lavigne was shown as a seventeen-year-old because the song was the reflection of a sweet seventeen-year signature moment.

When did skater boy come out?

The skater boy song was officially released in 2002. And the exact recorded date for the song’s release was 9 September 2002.

Skater boy lyrics Avril Lavigne when was it written?

The Staker boy lyrics were
“he was a boy”; “she was a girl”; “can I make it any more obvious?”; “he was a punk”; “she did baller”; “what more can I say?”; “he wanted her.” The full lyrics of the song followed the storyline of a skater boy.


On a concluding note, don’t push the athlete in you to the back seat rather explore the unique talent and improve your athletic skills with the Skater game. So, download this interesting and exciting game on your android smartphone free of cost. We are providing you with all the latest games on this website. Keep visiting daily on this site and get all the latest games and tools.