DMCA Policy For Android-Apks:

This Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy shall apply to and any of its linked products or services, giving information about how this Website operator deals with suspected copyright infringement notifications as well as the ways in which you can file a complaint relating to intellectual property infringement. We want to protect intellectual property as closely as possible, and we ask both users and our authorized agents to do the same.

Please be advised that you may contact your lawyer prior to lodging a notice with us where you are not sure if the material reported is in fact unlawful. In a DMCA notice of copyright infringement, you are required to disclose your personal information. Are you worried about the privacy of your personal data.

Changes and amendments:

At any time at our discretion, we shall have the right to amend this Policy or its terms and conditions concerning these sites and services. We’ll post a notice on the main page of your site when we do, and send an email to let you know. Other ways of notifying you, such as through contact information provided by you, may be available to us at our discretion.

Please contact us by the email address given below if you would like to inform us of any material or activity that infringes your rights.

Within a couple of days, we’ll respond to your question.