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Amazon prime video app

Who doesn’t watch movies, films, and series nowadays? Everyone keeps a mobile in pockets and clutches and loves to watch their favorites in their leisure time. Amazon Prime Video App is an app for android users which provides a more easy and quick way to download and stream new episodes TV series, films and many more. It is an App from Amazon, which lets you watch, stream different genres of films, TV shows, etc.

Why Amazon prime???

Most of the time, we are unable to watch stuff in one sitting. We watch things at different times. Wouldn’t it be cool if you don’t have to struggle to find where you left off? Amazon Prime Video App has features that will save what you were watching on it earlier. You can directly start where you left in one click. Another benefit is, you can directly resume on any device it is not necessary to log in into the same device.

Besides, the catalog of Amazon Prime Video app depends on the location you are opening it. Many regions have more content compare to others. So, if you are having any difficulty in accessing any show it must be because of your location. Generally, all subscribers have access to all the films, TV series, etc.

Apart from it., you can get access to Amazon Original Series as well. For offline usage, it provides you with the button of download also. It also streams details about actors and other celebrities around the world. If you use Netflix, HBO or any other app then it is easy for you to use Amazon Prime Video App. Furthermore, its Interface has similarities with the above-mentioned apps.

App Features

  • As discussed above, one of the best features of the app is you can download your favorites anytime anywhere.
  • Using Chromecast, you can cast videos from your mobile screen to big screens like smart TVs, PCs, etc.
  • You can get information about the video you are watching. It provides you with information about the actors, where it was filmed, etc. It also shows related content to the video you are watching.
  • Using the app you can also buy or rent as many as 100000 titles or even more. You can even stream newly released movies.
More Information about the App

Amazon Prime Video App falls in the Category of Entertainment App. You can find the App on Google Play Store. Most importantly, it is free of cost.  In addition, the app needs Android 4.1 or above to operate. In this modern era stay up to date, watch your favorite shows on Amazon Video App and share them with your friends. Also, share screens with your friends and enjoy your free time. Meanwhile, arrange a sleepover with your friends and watch award-winning Amazon Series and documentaries on Amazon Video App. In short, Stay cool, Stay updated with Amazon Video App.

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