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Bcmon APK is specifically designed for Android mobile Users. The Internet has become the basic need of everyone in this modern age. Most people love working online for a better living. It is an Android application that enables you to gain monitor mode on your Android smartphones. The monitor mode allows the computer to have a wireless network.

Monitor mode is used for the wireless network acting as an access point on it. The Internet is the only best way to solve your problem. Internet connection is the best facility which makes your task easier. In case if there is no internet connection, there will be a problem completing your task. We have a surprise that will help you solve this problem by connecting the internet to the nearest network available on your device.

The name of this wonderful application is Bcmon App. It is a famous app which is gaining popularity day by day. The main function of this application is to find weaknesses and shortcomings in a WPA/WPA2 wifi internet connection. This application is very helpful for all Android mobiles. You can use it to crack any internet connection and launch it on your device. So if you are using this application, you will be able to work on the web with the best connectivity.

What Is Bcmon?

People live in different countries like some people living in Europe, the United States, or Africa. These different counters people connected and chat with each other without any problem or disturbance. Now the world has become more closed, reliable, and informative just because of the internet.

The only internet is the things that connect the world circle. Suppose you have no internet connection at your home because of anything or working anywhere with no internet connection. That time life would be boring because you need an internet connection for your job or education.

After facing such types of problems, the solution is that Bcmon APK no root is the best solution that will make you happy by connecting your internet with any accessed internet connection around you. If you have an internet problem, then you need to download and install this application.

Bcmon APK No Root For Android:

It is an Android tool that allows you to get monitor mode. Here you can get the latest and updated version of this app free for your Android phones and tablets. You can get free and always enjoy wifi connection on your Android device.

Now you can free download and install it on your Android phone, smartphone, and tablet. With the help of this application, you can crack the wifi connection and use the internet on your device. If you want to download the useful application, then follow the download link, which is available at the top of this page.

Here you can free download the Bcmon APK (no root/ with root) for your Android mobile. The download process is the same first click the download link, which is available on the button of this page, then save the file on your Android device. After the download process is complete then install the application on your Android mobile. So this is the download process.

If you have any problems, then mention your problem in the comment section because I will try to resolve your problem. If you want to get any other Android apps & games for your Android mobile, you must visit our homage, where many other Android apps and games are available. Must visit and get the latest apps and games for your Android mobile. So flow the download link and get the application free.

How to Install Bcmon App On Android Devices:

Before installation of this application, one thing to keep in mind is that your device must be rooted. If your device is not rooted, this app will not install on your Android device and ask you to root your device time and again. No problem if your device is not rooted and you want to root your device, then use CF Auto Root, Cloud Root APK, or any other rooting app to root your device.

Another thing we recommend is that the Reaver app /rfa APK may also be installed before this app. We recommend Rfa APK/ Reaver APK because this application makes you able to use this app in a better way. The main feature of the Raf app is it provides complete information regarding the use of Bcmon and monitor mode.

After installing the app, you will be able to hack the wifi connection on your device easily. So before the installation of this application must root your Android device because this app supports only rooted devices. So these things are kept in mind before the installation of this Application.

How to use BCMon (no Root/With Root)?

  • After installing and granting permissions, open and launch this application.
  • You will need to wait for a little while for the application to install all the necessary tools required by it. 
  • Now open and launch Root Explorer and click on the view option.
  • Copy and paste the files you see there and grant permissions.
  • Now click on OK and root your device. It is ready to use. 


How to enable monitor mode without Bcmon?

When It does not support your device, you need to ensure that Reaver APK (RFA) is not dependent on it. For this, you have to enable monitor mode by custom monitor-mode-activation scripts. Then open the root explorer and navigate to Bcmon/files/tools/reaver. Now press it select permissions and check the execute boxes. Click OK. Now go to tools enable it select execute rights, then click OK.

Why do you need to use the Bcmon APK (no root) on your Android phone?

It is an application that allows you to control WiFi networks and hack WiFi passwords. With this app, you can control network traffic and even connect to WiFi in the neighborhood. This application comes for free, so you don’t need to download the cracked APK version. If you want to enable monitor mode on your smartphone, this app is the best tool. It is compatible with all Android devices.

Is it safe to use on the phone?

Yes, if you have the basic knowledge of hacking and can run simple hacking applications on your devices, then it is safe and secure for you to use.

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January 9, 2024