Brick Breaker Hero

Brick Breaker

Today I am going to share the new classic arcade game for our Android users that are Brick Breaker Hero game. This game is a whole new Arkanoid adventure. The new look of this game is more exciting and beautiful with the exciting new game modes and graphics. Here we are introducing the classic Brick game with a new Twist.

Now you can control your classic bat so that the ball hits and then break all the bricks to clear the level in the game. When you can clear each level then you can earn a lot of rewards and one thing keeps in mind each level will be more difficult than the other level. You must collect powers in the game to clear the next level quickly.

What is Brick Breaker Hero?

Monsters have returned to terrorize every kingdom within the land and also the villagers would like a hero. If you want to be the villager’s hero and break them out of the monsters. Therefore keep up with the bouncing ball and deflect it with a paddle in this classic breakout game. In a brick game, Hero has a responsibility to save their villagers and destroy enemy minions, collect treasure, clear levels, and most important thing break out the helpless critics.

 If you want the hero of your villagers then you have to break and destroy each brick, much like classic Arkanoid, until you have succeeded in each level’s mission. The latest and updated version of this game is now available for Android phones and tablets. If you want to play this game then click the download button which is available at the bottom of this page. A new version of this game brings a lot of new features but some of the most interesting features are as under.

Features of Brick Game

  • Classic Brick breaker escapes gameplay with a contemporary mobile twist.
  • Unique kingdoms every with their own theme and distinctive journey.
  • Easy to pay difficult to master try to achieve 3 stars on each level.
  • Over 200 fun and challenging levels with more coming soon.
  • Connect with Facebook friends and see World Health Organization will get the best scores.
  • Boss and mini-boss fight each having a new ability to challenge your hero.
  • More features to come.

How to Download Brick Breaker Hero Game?

You can download Brick Breaker Hero from here for your Android phones and tablets. Very easy to download just click the download button which is available at the bottom of this page. When you click the download link then your download is automatically starting. In case if you face any problems during the downloading and installation of this game then you can share it with me. I will find a solution to your problem. You can mention your problem in the comments section of this post. Thanks for visiting my site I hope you will like this game. If you like this game then please don’t forget to share it with your friends. If you need more apps and games then visit

Additional Details

October 1, 2023