DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver

Here I am sharing one of the most important and helpful applications for our Android users: the DU Battery Saver app. This app is a handy tool that helps you easily control and manage the use of your mobile battery. You can use this application for battery calibration on your smartphones and tablets. If you want to get the Best app direct download link, then follow the given download link at the bottom of this page.

It is a tool that helps you to Stop all those unnecessary processes that use up the energy of your mobile battery and that way, you will able to scrape out a few minutes of battery power. With this application’s help, you can extend your mobile or tablet battery lifetime considerably to stop all those unnecessary activities.

DU Battery Saver Review:

It includes many management modes for your battery that help use sure options while avoiding others that may consume your battery power once you don’t want them. The main function of this battery severs app is which helps to boost your mobile battery. When you install this application on your smartphone and tablet. Then you never need to set up a specific energy-saving mode.

Because this tool automatically stops all those unnecessary activities which consume your battery power and finishes them with just one tap which will give you a few extra minutes of battery time during your day-to-day usage. If have any problem with your mobile battery then you can solve your problem to download the battery repair application. With the help of DU battery saver, you can know the remaining capacity of your mobile battery to perform a specific task.

Such as making a phone call, online video chat, playing games on your mobile, etc. it is a really amazing and powerful tool that gives us all the information about the battery report. Like voltage and capacity, and show the percentage of battery consumed in different places. This tool has many different features, but some most important features are given below.

What Are The Key Features:

  • Brightness control
  • Smart preset saving modes
  • Charging maintenance
  • Stop extra application that reduces your battery.
  • Self-customized saving mode
  • Accurate battery remaining time
  • Fast wifi, GPS, information, Bluetooth switch.
  • Battery temperature
  • One-click battery utilization upgrading.
  • Battery points of interest
  • And much more


Should the battery saver be on or off?

It should be turned on to save battery time. If you are in a non-electricity area you must have to turn on this it helps to use your device for a long time.

Does DU Battery Saver stop overheating?

Yes, if the battery saver is turned on in your device it keeps your device cool by shutting down the unnecessary running apps.

Does the battery saver turn on automatically?

If your mobile battery got low and reached the level you set, then it will automatically be activated and start saving battery time.


In short, DU Battery Saver Pro APK is a useful application for Android. It indicates the battery survival time and if the charge level drops lower than you set, then it will activate automatically to save battery time. Furthermore, it maintains the temperature of your phone as well. It stops the apps running in the background which is not necessary to be opened. So download and install it on your phone and enjoy the service provided by the app.

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March 30, 2024