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ES File Explorer Apk is an ideal apk tool to manage files and programs. The name itself is vividly showing that it is a file and application management tool. ES File Explorer is a multifunctional app as it comes with many other features such as; killing running apps and storing data directly to cloud drive (Google Drive, Sky Drive, Dropbox).

This apk app carries the FTA client function so to allow users to use it both on mobile and PC devices. It is a free, safe, secure, and simple tool to deal with all your data.

ES File Explorer Apk

ES File Explorer is a whole-feature file manager for music, videos, images, apps, and documents on local and network use. More than 500 million people worldwide use it to manage their android device files without any data charges comfortably.

This tool makes it easy for the android user to use and manage files on their mobile phone, access everything on their mobile screen, and share it with others. Users can upload and download photos and videos, watch movies and dramas, and handle your internet connection with es file explorer more easily.

If you are dealing with your files on PC or mobile phone, you get the first option (copy, cut, paste, create, delete, rename, etc.) that makes your work easy and tireless. You can access the compressed ZIP or RAR files by decompressing them and get the document in other file types.

Moreover, you can access all your computer files with the help of a network connection. You can access your USB without any need for device root. In a nutshell, ES File Explorer is a powerful tool for all but best for advanced android users with dozens of possibilities on your fingertips.  

Main Feature Of ES File Explorer

ES file explorer is a fantastic apk tool for all android devices. It contains dozens of features that make it popular among its users. The most highlighting roles are one by one-pointed below. Let’s have a look before judging this excellent app.

Free To Download And Use

ES file explorer is a free apk file for your android. You can download and use it without paying a single penny. 

Safe And Secure

This application is unavailable on Google play store, but don’t panic as you can download it from other sites. You will get the safe and secure link of the latest ES file explorer version on this page. We make sure to provide you the malicious free links on our web site.

Effective And Efficient 

All the feature ES file explorer have, or carrier makes its function effective and efficient. All the accustomed options, decompression of ZIR or RAR files, USB access with no need of device root, etc. are the reason that makes it happen.

File manager

The ES file explorer is the most attractive feature as it enables the users to add, remove, and manage all types of data and documents on smart devices. It gives you the way to reach to music, photos, videos, documents on your phone and PC as well.

Space analyzer

The space analyzer analyzes the space on your android device and manages accordingly. It calculates the storage capacity of each application installed on your device. And help you to decide whether to keep or remove any app that is heavy on your system.

Application manager

ES file explorer comes with a built-in application manager that performs multiples roles. The application manager accurately calculates various apps’ sizes on your phone and lets you manage your phone’s storage. It also helps you remove any junk material left with a previously removed app.

Download Manager

The download manager allows the ES file users to pause and start downloads from the web directly. If you want to cancel the download, you can quickly and freely do it any time similarly to continue your download if you’re going to do so.

Music player

The music player is the feature that scans music and MP3 files of your mobile or PC and collects them all in one place. Users can play and enjoy music in the background with ES file explorer.

SD Cards scan

ES file explorer scan SD cards no matter your card is old or new.

Pros And cons Of ES File Explorer Pro Apk

It is a well-known fact that a coin has two faces. Each is incomplete with the other. Similarly, ES files have both positive and negative sides, but the plus points are far higher than the negatives.

It comes with many options to manage your files, documents, images, videos, and much more. Deep customization with an internal device organization is the main strength. While the one con of ex file is, it can be complicated for new and inexperienced users to deal.


What is ES file explorer apk???

ES file explorer is an apk based application to manage all data, documents, videos, images, and much more on your android devices. It is both an application and file manager with a simple user interface. This app integrates your accounts on OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

How to use ES file explorer???

Once you launch the ES file explorer, you can use both rooted and non-rooted devices. Follow the generalized steps below to efficiently able to use this:

  1. Open setting and tab Root Setting on your android system
  2. Find the Root explorer option; if you enable it for the first time, it will ask you to grant a specific app root access.
  3. You can view all the root android files just by placing the cursor on the tab up button. Enable Mount File system if you want to edit system files manually.
  4. Or select the option of automatic system file backups and save them. This app will help you won’t miss or add any corrupt file to your system.

How to transfer data from android to pc using ES file explorer???

Sharing or transfer of data from android mobile to PC is not difficult with ES file explorer. Follow the steps down to transfer the data between the two devices:

  • create a shared folder on your PC and allow the read/write access
  • In ES file explorer on your mobile tab the globe icon and direct to >LAN
  • Search for available networks on LAN and find your computer with IP address listed under local networks
  • Click on the PC icon and put username and password in the boxes pop up on the screen
  • Your shared folder will appear there, then share or transfer then files in between the two connected devices

How to change the language in ES file explorer???

Language change in ES file explorer is elementary. Open your system setting and tab on the language setting option, then choose the style you wish to switch

How to download and install ES file explorer apk???

The download machine is simple as like any other apk file. We have given the link to the latest safe and secure version of ES file explorer pro, click on the option and download it. Then open the download file and click on the newly-downloaded file to install it. Follow the instructions displayed on-screen and launch the application.


You always required a file manager on your android device, and ES file explorer apk is best for you. So, don’t miss a second to get it on your mobile or PC to work effectively and efficiently.

Just reach out to the link given on the page and tab the download option and install it. That’s all! Enjoy the experience of using your device with es file. And also, do like, comment, and share this post with your family and friends.

Additional Information

Developer EStrongs Inc
Category Tool
SubcategoryFile management
Require Android  6.0
Security Level 100% save
Language English
UpdatedOctober 20, 2020
latest Version4.