eSound Premium

eSound Premium

Music is part of our daily life. We are always looking for new and better music apps like eSound which is just amazing. Many people like you and me are lovers of listening to music all the time. This habit comes with using an amazing app E Sound that gives you everything you want while listening to music. eSound Premium APK is one of the most brilliant music apps in the market. You can listen to your favorite songs and that too in different languages. 

You can easily stream millions of songs in this one app that also includes the songs of Justin Bieber, Cardi B, and Arijit Singh. E Sound is one of the most beautiful music apps with amazing features and customization of the app. It supports all Android devices and supports many languages that will take you into another experience of joy. You can search for music from all over the world and get whatever you are looking for.

You can always stream any song with and without the internet. Now you can download the song within the application. The eSound Premium APK as mentioned by the name premium features of the music app are included in it. All premium features are available for free in this app. You can get free suggestions of the songs from the app that you will like. You don’t have to make much effort to find songs and can get them in collections. There is a list of music with more than 20 songs in one place.

What Are The Features Of eSound Premium?

You do not need to have any specific likeness to download the app but be a song lover. And every other person is a music lover. The generation of people are all over the internet using different songs and making them hits online. With the maximum use of a song, you can see how important it is to have an app that has everything in one place. e Sound has the following basic features as follows

Stream millions of songs

There is no end to the number of songs available in the app. You can listen to unlimited songs for unlimited time until your battery goes off. This is just amazing to have all kinds of songs in one place and everything works smoothly in the app. You can play any song and change it instantly without seeing any loading or any other process. The app works smoothly like Spotify Premium with millions of songs easily.

Download songs

This is the most demanding feature of the eSound app to download music and listen to it again and again. You can easily listen to unlimited songs without the Internet and enjoy it. People get attached to music and have a connection with them. You can download these songs in your music library and keep them with you for your whole life.

Trending Music

You can see the highlighted part in the e Sound app where you can see all the trending songs and without searching for them you can listen to them. You can easily see what is turning and what is not. Now you can stream all the trending songs and update your playlist.

Create your playlist

You can create a playlist of your own. Now you can add your all-time favorite songs and the latest song in it. You can always edit your playlist and make changes to it like deleting any song or adding any song and making your playlist more of what you want at that time. You can make as many playlists as you want.

Find your favorite song

There is a search bar at the top of the eSound Premium APK home screen that allows you to search for any specific song artist or genre. You can search by any technique and find what you are looking for. the search engine works effectively and shows you all related searches in seconds.

Sleep timer with music

An amazing technique while using this music app is its sleep timer. The application automatically turns off the song when it senses you sleeping. The application has used such techniques and codings that will turn off the music and let you sleep. You must be habitual of listening to songs while music. Some people can’t sleep until and unless they listen to the music.

Daily updates

One of the best things to get in the e-Shoud app is the daily notifications or updates about the songs. You will instantly get a notification if a song is trending. Get a notification whenever a new song is uploaded by your favorite singer. You will instantly get a notification about the song which is getting hype.

What’s new in the latest Version V4.13.13?

The application has been updated for some updates and new features. Right now, you can download the latest eSound Premium APK for free from this website and will be able to use the following new features as follows.

  • The speed of the app has been increased to incredible speed and you can have better streaming of unlimited music.
  • There are new customized interface features that are astonishing and make the E sound app look like a new application.
  • You can enjoy music based on your taste and mood as it has songs of all genres and types that are for every individual.
  • You can give stars to your favorite singers in the app and let them win contests and challenges.
  • Based on your music history the app will make an automatic playlist and you can decide to add that playlist or discard it.


There is no better feeling than listening to your favorite music in a peaceful environment. The e-Sound gives you unlimited free access to millions of songs of all genres and countries. You can listen to English, Urdu, Hindi, Korean, and many other language songs. It has a variety of songs in it that show the importance of each individual who uses this app. The eSound premium APK download is an easy process with many hidden features. You can get to play music using all the available amazing features of the app.

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March 18, 2024