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Today I tell you about the best game ever, Granny Outwitt Mod Menu APK. It is one of the most thrilling, exciting, and horror gameplay. The game is designed in an exhilarating way. The setup of the game is based on the different abandoned and horror places like houses. The granny will be caught in prison, and you have to escape from the prison. There are many puzzles to solve in that way you only escape from the granny’s house otherwise she will kill you and you might lose the game. The story is quite interesting. You can’t resist yourself from playing this game. You will never regret downloading this app.

Granny Outwitt Review:

This gameplay is free and available on the Google Store. It is the eeriest game that is available. But amazingly many people love this game. The purpose of this game is to try to escape without noticing granny. The house contains mindful puzzles you need to solve. All the environment is designed in a scary environment and every door leads to a new mystery.

In Granny Outwitt Mod Menu, while playing the game you need to be careful while walking because Granny hears the minutest sound. She will immediately come towards you and drink blood. The app has 5 days as a survival period to escape from the spooky room. You need to collect the items to solve the puzzles.

The graphics of this game are top-notch because of its scariest house and atmosphere. The sound of the app is creepiest, and the player might feel goosebumps if he is new to the game. The game is realistic feel all the things are seen as real. The granny itself seems scary. The interface is easy to play, and it comes with 3 different modes.

Features of the Granny Outwitt Mod Menu?

Before downloading the game, you should know the features of this game. Here we have mentioned all the main features which are given below.

Unlimited Days To Survive

The original game contains 5 days for surviving or escaping from the granny’s horrible house. But this app now comes with the latest version; now, the gamers will provide unlimited days to escape the house. Due to this feature, you can understand the game first, and then play safely without feeling scared by the grandmother.

Easy To Understand

The developer of the app made the game horror and yet it is a simple and thrilling game. There are hidden objects and puzzles in the house. You have to solve the stun to unlock the main door of the house—all you need to do is learn the hidden ways and explore more things without being noticed by the character. Play wisely and use your mind skills.

Horrible Sound

The sound effects and background sound when the granny is near is high-level sound. It adds spice to horror lovers. The sound quality is so realistic that you might feel like living in an original creepy house. When the granny is behind you there comes the scariest sound. All the elements have spooky sounds. If you are alone and feel fear then turn off the sound.

Graphics And Visuals

The game has 3D visual graphics. The mouse moves 360 degrees which you can explore more. The house is big and the room where All the carpets, doors, and furniture are kept seems a tangible asset. I bet you will never see this kind of graphics in any other horror gameplay. The house is made in a real way.

Free To Download

It is popular among the children, even anyone enjoys the game. It is one of the famous games. Amazingly, you can easily download the Granny Outwitt Mod Menu APK from here or Play Store for free. Go and murder your boredom.

Running Speed

Running fast is the cheat code to escape from granny. The old woman tries her best to catch you but this app has a feature to run fast even more than the character. Whenever granny approaches you, there are hidden places to hide first you hide yourself other you can run fast to save your life.


This app is amazing to play. After all the amazing features this app is without ads. Now, you can play freely without interruption and have fun escaping from the granny.

GOD Mode

This game has a feature in which you are invisible to the granny. In the older version, the granny easily catches you if you make sounds. The latest version comes with the spiritual feature you would not die and easily escape and it makes the game easy and simple. Because of this, you can’t captured by a horror character.

Different Modes

The game contains three different modes of play. Easy, moderate, and hard. Each make has its own story, puzzles, and suspense. If for example, you don’t know how to play then choose the practice mode in which you can easily learn the game and not feel fear from granny anymore.

What’s new in the Granny Outwitt 1.8.1 APK?

Once you have downloaded and installed the latest version of this game on your Android OS you will see the following new features are added in the new version which are given below.

  • In the latest version, the player can survive for unlimited days.
  • Ghost mode, in which you escape without noticing by granny.
  • Realistic sounds and free graphics.
  • The gameplay is free from viruses and glitches. You can run fast, even from the horror character.

Final Words:

There are many games available on the Play Store but in my opinion, I recommend you to play this game. This is free to download and free from unusual ads. The story of the game is suspense, and every step is full of excitement and fun. It is one of the best horror gameplay among others. It has amazing features that the original app does not provide so it is the latest version where you play the game with a premium feel. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download Granny Outwitt Mod Menu APK and try your skills to escape from Granny’s sinister home. Get a thrill out from the adventure ride.

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January 15, 2024