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Today we are going to share the new Android game with our users who love to play various games on their mobile screens. Ludo Star APK is a traditional cardboard game that is now part of the huge virtual gaming world. This is an interesting game which you can play with your friends. The addictive board game includes four players yellow, blue, red, and green our Ludo is not just that, it is more simple and more amazing for Android users.

Moreover, this is one of the interesting games as compared to other Android games, once you start playing you will fall in love with the game and then won’t be able to stay away. You can play this game with random people from all over the world. I knew its quite unrealistic to trust me easily so, why don’t you experience this endless fun by yourself?

Also, you might also have played the cardboard game in your school, college, and home. Now you can refresh all your childhood and teenage memories with this game on your Android device just in a few minutes. To enjoy your free time download the APK file of this amazing game. You will find the download link at the bottom of our site.

Ludo Star Game Review:

This game is popular for its amusement value and traditional family-focused fun. This application is incredibly accessible—people of all ages may play it and enjoy their leisure time to the fullest. The interface is user-friendly that enables many players to play at once. You can get its free download link right here from our page and play online with your friends or players from across the world, or you can compete against the computer.

You can play Ludo Star with your Facebook friend. Firstly, log in with Facebook and invite a friend to play with you. In addition, you can play both online and offline depending on your situation. If you want to play with players from across the world, play it via FB and make friendships. Besides, you can change the rules of this game and set playing challenges according to your choice. Although, it has a pretty simple interface we summed up all the details briefly and linked to the latest version below.

Due to its wide appeal and high fun factor, it accommodates up to four players and is captivating. The rules are included in this version of the traditional board game, which is completely engrossing. In order to win players must get all their game pieces back to the base. The one who gets them first will be the winner.

How To Play Ludo Star on Android Phone:

First of all, select the number of players you want to play with. Then select one club from four clubs where you would like to play. The Ludo star game starts when all the players agree according to the rules of the game and start. When your turn first rolls the dice and move the token based on the dice number. Your main objective is to take all the tokens into the goal area after taking a full turn of the board. you can also check fidget spinner

Your token will enter on the board when you roll the dice and the number comes to six. If your enemy or other player lands on your single token then your token again started from the home. Bing your other player by moving all your tokens to home. So this is the playing process of this game when you play this game on your Android device then you himself better know the playing process of the game.

Features of Ladu Star APK:

Easy to play

Your childhood favorite card game is now available to play right on your Android phone. The only requirement is to have a 4 or above device version. It is as full of fun as it is in reality. The game is very simple to play with very attractive colors and nice sound effects.

Multiple game moods

You can play and enjoy the game both online and offline. The simple user-friendly game can be enjoyed at any time without worrying about data consumption.

Connect through Facebook

The feature that makes it stand out in the gaming world is that you can log in to your Facebook ID and invite friends online to play the game. You can even send messages, voices, and emojis during the game. In this way, it gives you a platform to interact with the online audience and makes friends.  

Game Variations

The entertaining game is available in three forms namely classic, master, and quick. Its different game variations can be enjoyed by children to older people. Players can opt for any one of them and utilize their leisure time to the fullest with fun and joy.

Support multiple players at a time

The Ludo Star game has multiple moods. You can play with your friends offline or with other random players online through Facebook. It is wholly up to you whether you want to play in 2 or 4-player matches. In addition, players can enjoy a game on the counter with the computer.

No hard and fast rule

It is a very interesting factor for every player as it imposes no hard and fast rules for playing. You can play the game according to your own favorite rules. But keep in mind that the first players who get all game pieces back to base win the game.

User guide

The user-friendly game supports all 4 players at the same time and it appeals to people of any age group. It also includes a user guide with instructions for the winning game.

How to Download and Install LaduStar APK?

It is very easy to download and install the Ludo game. You can download the game with just a single click on the Ludo Star download link which is available at the bottom of this page. The link is tested for and virus thread so does not worry about your system security and device health. It is the safe and secure link to the latest version of this game without any cost.

When your downloading process is complete then you have to install the APK file on your Android device. To do so first, go to the download folder where the file is saved then double-click it. Then, push the Run option to begin the installation process.

Wait till the installation process completes and follow the instruction shown on your Android device. Once it all ends, open the APK file and start playing the board games either online or offline. So this is the downloading and installation process for your Game. I hope you will like the game. Thanks for choosing my website and you want to more games and APKS then visit my website. Your download link is given below.


How to add someone on Ludo Star 2?

Ludo Star 2 is an online game that you can play with your friends and random people. To add someone to the game, you can use the ‘invite friends’ feature and search for your friend there. One other way is to connect your game to Facebook, and it will allow you to play multiplayer games with your Facebook friends.

Is LudoStar APK available on Android?

YES, its versions are available to download on Android devices.

Who discovered the Ludo game?

In ancient times, Ludo was known as Pachisi, an Indian game that was quite famous during Akbar Era. However, on 29th August 1891, Alfred Collier claimed that the board game Royal Ludo is his invention and applied for a patent for this game in England.

How to find a LudoStar player on Facebook?

If you are already friends on Facebook, the list of people who play this game will automatically show up in the Friends option in your game.

How to get 6 in Ludo Star APK?

To get a 6 in this game, here’s what you should do. Look for the green tick which appears on your avatar. When one-fourth of your time has passed to roll the dice, click on dice. You will most likely get a six always if you roll your dice at this point.

Ending Remarks:

Hey the royal game player, you decided to try the Ludo star game. Interesting! Go ahead and click on the link to download the game and experience a fun-filled traditional game. You will definitely fall in love with the game and of course with new friends online via Facebook. Do recommend it to your family and friend and also share your feedback in the comment section. It will help us to improve our service and content.

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October 1, 2023