MelanCholianna APK is another amazing video game about a girl who is finding his twin sister. This game is full of adventure and exploration. You will play the role of Melan the lead player of the game. She needs to solve some mysteries of her life and hence you will help her. People tend to like such role-playing games more than anything else.

I must tell you how amazing this game works. It has everything with emotions and real vibes. Download it now and see what happens to twin sisters. One sister named Melan is in search of her twin sister named Cholianna.

The game is all about going forward to achieve the goal and combating all the challenges that come in between. It is interesting and unique to play with different storylines. The fight with monsters and completing the challenges are all fun.

MelanCholianna apk

MelanCholianna Review:

It is a game where you must go through traps and challenges in an old, empty tower. The game gives players fun and challenging puzzles to solve, creating an exciting and engaging experience. Created by Zigzagz Pro and launched in 2021 for computers,

MelanCholianna APK is now available on mobile, which many people were looking forward to. Although the game may look easy, it is quite hard to beat. Sometimes, players will have to play levels over and over again to move forward.

It is a game that takes players on an exciting adventure, where they must get out of a tower that is full of scary creatures and find new things along the way. In the game, players move around, talk to people, and use objects. They find clues and solve the problems they face.

These conversations are very important for moving forward in the game’s story and finding out about our lovely princess, Cholianna. Secrets and traps in the game stand out. In these parts, players must figure out clues with Melan to help Cholianna find the next checkpoint.

Players need to use different tools to solve puzzles and beat creatures, while also facing and dealing with challenges. You have a limited number of lives in the MelanCholianna APK, and you are playing as a woman’s main character. Evil spirits are chasing you, so you’re trying to escape from the building. You will get warnings when there are dangers nearby, so you can find ways to stay safe.

What Are The Key Features?

The MelanCholianna game takes place in old times where players guide a character called Cholianna. Cholianna is a princess taken by scary creatures and put into a deserted tower. Around her are dangerous traps and evil, changed creatures. The game is about Cholianna’s journey and the problems she must deal with as she goes. It has the following key features.

Explore new places

The main thing you’ll find in this game is discovering new places. In a 2D platform, you can move from side to side and go through doors to different places. Sometimes you may have to go back and forth between places until you finally figure out the puzzle you’re working on and move on to the next part.

Amazing Graphics

May seem easy but is not boring. The game looks special because it has both hand-drawn and 3D graphics. The game has very detailed settings, and each place has its unique look, mostly like old abandoned buildings. The way the characters look is great in the game’s art style. Cholianna is made to look pretty and moves well, like the princesses you see in comic books. This makes the game even more attractive and charming.

Play with music

The music in the game is special and many people think it is the most important part of this game. It is offered for free. The game’s music was carefully created by the developer to make the game more enjoyable.

Stay away from danger

As you keep playing Melancholianna, scary things will show up and try to hurt you. Luckily, you will get a small heads-up about where these dangers are. That doesn’t mean we can easily stay away from them. You might see things that look scary but aren’t dangerous. It’s a fun game with a little bit of scary stuff.

Look for hints or answers

There are lots of things in the game that can help you find the exit and stay safe. For instance, some paintings on the wall might give you hints about what to do next. Maybe you have to move to find a secret thing. It’s good to explore everything and take hints to carry forward.

Customizing characters

Players can make and change their characters, picking from different races, classes, and ways they look. Players can change their characters’ skills and gear as they keep playing the game. design your character your way and make it look the most elegant.

Strong community

The game has a lot of players from different countries who come together to do fun things like guilds and raids together. It helps you create your network and be part of the huge world.

What’s new in the MelanCholianna APK 2.0?

MelanCholianna APK is now available in the Latest version v2.0 free for Android with some new updates as follows

  • Players can fight each other, either one-on-one or in big battles. PvP combat is a tough but fun experience for players who like to compete.
  • It has a detailed and interesting story, with a complicated history and mythology that makes the game world feel deep and engaging.
  • It has different things to do in a group, like dungeons and raids. You need to team up with other players to beat tough bosses and get prizes.
  • It has a strong system for making things, so players can gather materials and make things like weapons, armor, and potions.
  • The game has a place where players can buy and sell things.


The amazing game is here to provide you with the best gameplay. There are many things to explore in the game with a lot of fun. You will help Melan find her twin sister while fighting all the challenges that may come your way. Download MelanCholianna APK now and start playing this game.

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February 27, 2024