You think of it, and Score808 gives you all. The new Score 808 Live Football TV APK has the best streaming features for you. It is a fun application with a schedule of matches, rankings for teams, and channels to watch matches. You are about to begin an exciting journey and explore the world of matches with it Live. And that will make you have more fun. With this application, you can watch all the big football leagues in high definition on your phone. They offer live streaming of the games.

What Is Score808?

Score808 is an excellent application for people who love football. This application lets you watch football games live without paying and keeps you up to date with the scores of all the football games. It has many different football leagues available, such as the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Dream League, Serie A, Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and others.

Besides showing live games, Score 808 also offers video replays, real-time scores, betting advice, daily sports updates, previews of upcoming matches, and predictions for football games worldwide. It helps you stay informed about your favorite teams and players and helps you make intelligent choices when betting.

What Are The Main Features Of Score 808?

Whether you really love football or watch it occasionally, 808 Score has something that will interest you. You can watch all the important soccer matches in high-definition on your smartphone without having to deal with monthly fees or payments. The following are the key features of the app.

Free Simulations Available

The Score 808 app is where you can simulate a football match. Android phones that let you pretend to play football against your favorite teams. However, unlike most popular football video games, this one only allows you to control one player directly.

Live Gameplay

It means that a person or a team is currently playing a sport or game and has achieved a score of 808 points. It is a free app for many of you who need money to buy any PlayStation game to enjoy real football. For you people, this APK file is all you need to play and stream live football.

Free Access To Statistics Of Players

It allows you to easily see the stats of the player you are in charge of. This app helps you develop and make successful plans when playing against strong opponents. Because of this, it is like other games that allow you to see player information and plan your moves. You can see the progress of your favorite player by using this app.

Steeped In Strategy

A unique aspect of Score808 Live Football TV APK is that you have limited control over your player’s actions and decisions during each Match. This app makes it crucial to carefully study each player’s strengths to maximize their impact on the outcome of the game.

Smooth Streaming

The app has excellent graphics and speed. You can stream all your football matches easily in a simple way. It never stops streaming to show up any ads or anything else. You can enjoy stable and smooth streaming in HD quality. It has all the codings that will increase your watching experience and give you the best watching experience.

Multi-Language Support

There is no exception to understanding the app. As it supports many different languages of the world, that makes everyone understand the app easily. You can go to the notification setting and select the language you want to use in the app.

Detail View Of Match

The app allows you to zoom into any part of the game while watching it. You can focus on your favorite action and watch it closely. It can make you see how and what techniques players use to pose a skill. Strategy is the only way to perform well in this game, and you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the other players and the situations they encounter to succeed.

What’s new in the Score808 V14.0?

Score 808 is an excellent app for giving football fans access to live streaming of the game anywhere in the world. The most well-known leagues and competitions, including La Liga, the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Serie A, and many others, are available. To get the most out of the Latest Version, look at its new features.

  • You can keep up with your favorite teams’ real-time performances on the Score808 Live Football TV APK, whether at home or on the go, by accessing live score monitoring from all the major football leagues around the world.
  • You may sign up for match alerts for any team you support, guaranteeing that you never miss a goal or a caution. This function is beneficial for people who can’t watch a game live but want to be kept up to date on significant events.
  • You may see replays of games that have already ended and particular highlights like goals or outstanding saves. It’s a fantastic method to experience the thrill of any particular match.
  • Lineups, game developments, and statistics are all provided in the match center for each Match. By turning on push notifications, you can always stay up to date with your favorite teams, even when the app isn’t open.
  • While a game is happening, you can interact with friends and other viewers. This section also offers in-depth game analysis from experts and professional predictions for the result of the Match.


You have insights into the fantastic Score808 Live Football TV APK and can download it for free. You must have read all the critical features of the app and want to use the app right away. Its user-friendly app lets you easily watch live Premier League football channels and sports highlights with just a few taps. It provides forecasts and early looks at games, so you can regularly know about new releases. So, get the 808 score app now and watch international league matches for free in one location.

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April 27, 2024