Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold APK Download [Latest Version] V7.60 For Android

You can now play Teen Patti Gold with your friends along with millions of players around the world, in real-time without even stressing out. It is immensely featured by the Indian most famous version of Poker three cards, which is also known as “Flush or Flash”. However, the 3 Patti Gold can be played by up to five players around the world but the winner will be solely decided by the cards of the players and their tremendous game moves.

What Is Teen Patti Gold?

In simple words, if you are lucky enough then you can try your luck at your Deluxe Table with the Boot. The Deluxe Table is four times more fun than the original one because the private table in the game provides more room for your beloved family and friends. Apart from this, you can also play Andar Bahar, Rummy, and Poker with your friends and family without spending a single penny.

Teen Patti Gold comes with multiple interesting and fun features to increase user experience. Some of the interesting features are Bank Robbery, Private Rooms, Gifts, Lucky Cars, Chats, and Variations. Here, the important thing to consider is that the game does not involve any real cash because the whole purpose is entertainment. The game for Android devices comes with some interesting cards and ranks.

For instance, High Card, Pair Card, Pure Sequence, Set and Trail Card, and Sequence. We would like to suggest that you must try your luck, even for once in the 3 Patti Gold Tournaments that are immensely held in different exotic locations such as Las Vegas, Dubai, Paris, Singapore, and London. If you are a resident of these exotic regions and have expertise in Teen Patti moves, then you must take part in these tournaments.

Teen Patti Gold Real Cash:

Other best features that you will receive after installing the application are that you get cash for inviting, registering, and playing games. For instance, you can receive ₹51 as a bonus amount for registering and up to ₹150 for inviting your friend to play with you and other players. For withdrawing the amount you have to earn a minimum ₹100 and for the deposit purpose you must deposit a minimum ₹50. Such features are quite captivating and entertaining around the world.

Teen Patti Gold online:

You don’t have to worry about your slow internet connectivity issue because the Teen Patti game can smoothly run on slow internet even on a 2G network. In short, Teen Patti can be played on slow internet from anywhere without even fearing that you might lose your moves during the match. In addition to this, you can also play the game by sharing the same Wi-Fi connection. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play the rummy or 13-card rummy game because the built-in features of the games are specifically designed to teach users about the basic and advanced rules. Hence, you can now easily play the classic 13-card rummy game with billions of users around the world.

3 Patti Gold Variations:

If you some tweaks while playing the game, you will get several chances because 3 Patti Gold provides multiple variations to its users around the world. But before trying out different variations, you must be aware of Teen Patti’s basic rules and moves. So that you can easily earn high rewards while playing the classic versions. Currently, Teen Patti is offering ten variations which are divided into three major categories such as with jokers, hand rankings, and other gameplay changes.

  • Auction:

One of the best variations is the Auction in which every player in the game is dealt three cards at the start. Out of three cards, one of Joker, and two cards are upside down. To try your luck, you can bid for the game.

  • Joker Hunt:

Due to discarding cards, Joker Hunt is one of the most popular variations of the Teen Patti game which shares the same rules as the poker game.

  • Pack Jack:

In Pack Jack, you will receive three cards of jokers that are facing up. After you pack or fold the game, the cards will be automatically replaced by the three new cards.

  • King Little:

In this variation, all the jokers are kings. The smaller cards are handed to the players and the player with the smallest eventually becomes a joker.

  • 999:

This variation of Teen Patti Gold has cards for two to nine having the same values as played in the traditional 3 Patti Game. The remaining cards have to value except the Ace. The major is to score equal to or above 999 to win the game.

  • Lowball/Mufliss:

This variation is quite odd because in this the player with the weakest and worst hand wins the game.

  • Odd Sequence:

You must build a sequence in this variation such as the sequence should be J, Q, and then K.

  • 2 Cards Open:

In this variation, the player will get one face-down and two face-up cards. Based on the third card, the player then decides his next moves and wager. In this game, no player can play blind.

  • Stud:

This variation is quite similar to the Stud poker game because they share the same rules.

  • Discard One:

In the last variation, the players have to deal with four cards instead of three cards. The player gets a chance to select the best four cards to proceed with the game and discard one card that is left behind.

Main Features of Teen Patti Gold:

You will get the following amazing features by installing the 3 Patti Gold new version on your devices:

  • You can easily share the game or private table link with your friends and family on Messenger and Whatsapp applications.
  • Teen Patti Gold is now available in different languages such as Marathi, Urdu, Hindi, English, Telugu, and Bangla.
  • After winning the match in the game, you can collect the lucky cards.
  • The lucky cards can be used in difficult situations in the game while robbing any bank etc.
  • Teen Patti team also updated the interface of the game so that you can chat with your game opponents.
  • You can easily distribute and give gifts and cash to your friends or other game opponents.
  • You can also join the private room with the shared link at any time to play private games and matches.

FAQs About 3 Patti Gold:

How to get chips in teen Patti gold?

You can now easily top-up different items in the Teen Patti game within seconds. Only you have to do is open the official website and enter your user ID. Now, select the items you want to purchase and complete the process by providing your payment details. For payment mode, you can use Jazz Cash, Telenor, Ufone, Easypaisa and Bank Cards.

How many games are available in the 3 Patti Gold APK?

There are multiple games that you can play after installing the APK file on your devices. Because the App can solely support almost fifteen types of games. Some of the most commonly played games are Teen Patti, Tiger vs. Dragon, Rummy etc.

How to register on 3 Patti Gold?

If you want to register, then you have to follow some basic steps. After downloading the game from the provided link, you can easily install the application on your smartphone. Now, open the application and click on “play as a guest”. For registration, you have to click on your profile menu and find the option that says “bind number”. After registering your number you will receive a ₹51 bonus.


3 Patti Gold is an amazing platform through which you can enjoy with your friends by playing the game and earn real money. To download the Teen Patti Gold APK on your smartphone, you have to click on the provided download button. A download link will automatically generate within a second and will direct you to the download page. After downloading process has been completed, you can install the APK file on your device with just one click. If you want to download the old version, then comment down so that we can share the link with you.

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September 18, 2023