Tentacle Locker 2

Tentacle Locker 2

Tentacle Locker 2 is a new fantasy cum reality gameplay. With this game, you can play humorous and attractive games with girls. The gameplay of the game is very interesting and different from usual games that are all related to finding treasures and stuff. This game is very different from those games that have unlimited fun in it.

The game is very interesting and needs your attention towards it. This game has one main goal to lure girls towards the main payer. You will do everything to get the attention of the girls in the game. This may include some uncomfortable and uneasy situations where you need to do acts that will help you in the game.

Overall, the game is a must to play. You can download the Tentacle Locker 2 APK from this website easily and start playing this funny game. You will feel different while playing this game and feel relaxed as it does not contain any stressful fights and win against enemies but simple and easy gameplay.

Tentacle Locker 2 Review:

Every one of us who uses smartphones knows about this game and one must think that there is a fuss about this game. let me clear it for you this game has some scenes and situations that are not morally correct but that is part of the game. Every situation in the game is meant to be funny and humorous.

People who are into movies and have a bad habit of it can reduce their habits by involving themselves in such video games. It will give them both the pleasure of lust and gameplay that will not affect their health. Get the game free on your Android devices and start having unlimited fun.

The gameplay consists of many situations and environments that will shift your attention and you will be amazed by the scenes. The focus environment of Tentacle Locker 2 APK is on school students. They are experiencing everything for the first time and it makes everything more interesting and fun to enjoy.

The game is not about one man shooting or killing other people but to attract school girls. You can hide yourself in a drawer as a tentacle and trick the school girls into coming to the closet and finding something with you. The game has peculiar gameplay among other smartphone games and gives you more pleasure.

What are The Key Features of The Game?

The game has unexpected attractions in it with some unique events to play and get the attention of the schoolgirls. The main lead player will seduce girls towards him and fulfill his pleasures. The Tentacle Locker 2 is very amusing and has brilliant gameplay nowadays. People find other ways to show off their lust but this gameplay is the best solution for those. You can see the following key features of the game

New outfits

There are many new outfits for you to change daily or whenever you want. You can change the outfit of the girl that you have captured with yourself. You can make her look like you want to see her. These outfits are very trendy and classy.

Earn items

You can capture as many girls as you can and get rewards for it. You will earn points for capturing specific girls and use those points to earn items. These items may include some helpful tools to capture girls or their dress code.

Clear visuals

The gameplay is famous for its HD and high graphics. You will see how amazing this game looks while playing. Everything in the game works so smoothly and has clear visuals. These HD graphics are highly impactful on all those who are attracted by the beauty of the display.

Humorous and funny challenges

Many challenges will come your way while achieving the goal of the game. Tentacle Locker 2 includes all the funny and humorous situations where you will laugh hardcore and enjoy the journey of your achievements. We always listen to people saying that in the end journey matters the most in any goal achievement.

Different and unique gameplay

We already know that this gameplay is very unique and different from other basic gameplays. It has different genres to play and not all are interested in these kinds of games. Only specific people will love this game and play as per their needs.

International communication

You can easily communicate with people from all over the world. this game has players from every corner of the world and it allows you to interact with those people and create a connection with them. You can build your big network with this game.

Addictive gameplay

This game is all fun to play with amazing challenges and experiences. It will become addictive for sure to all the players after one gameplay. The gameplay has many interesting things to carry on with some amazing situations. Naughty Pirates is also an addictive game if you like you can also try it.

What’s new in the Tentacle Locker 2 APK V2.0.0?

There is always a new update every second nowadays. The latest version V2.0.0 of Tentacle Locker 2 APK has the following new updates it

  • The older version of errors has been resolved and this version is all good to go.
  • It has high security that will protect your privacy and give you a safe environment to play.
  • It notifies you about any new item or outfit that arrives in the game and gives you the first chance to adopt that thing before anyone else.
  • You can now add your friends and family into the game play with them and have more fun while chatting.
  • The latest version has added some tips and hints for you to follow to win the game and the attention of girls.


The unique and different gameplay with Tentacle Locker 2 APK is here for you. You can also play this amazing without any cost on your Android device and have fun while playing the game. You will have to attract the attention of schoolgirls in the game and play in different situations given in the game. download it free for Android now and start having unlimited fun.

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February 15, 2024