Training Guys

Training Guys

We all know that Training Guys is a vital game worldwide. It is a video game where lots of people can play together to compete and try to win. The game’s goal is for up to 32 players to compete and try to survive through challenging levels. The game gets increasingly chaotic as the rounds progress, and the ultimate goal is for one player to emerge as the winner.

If you trip or stumble, don’t worry; get up and run again. If you look at the Google Play store, you’ll see many people are buying this game. A hundred million games have been downloaded this game using different methods. Mostly, young people play this game. But now the children are playing this game. That’s why this game is very popular compared to others.

What Is Training Guys?

Online games are a great way to stay competitive and have fun. You can play many games online, but the ones with lots of players offer the most fun. The Training Guys is a fantastic game you can play online with other people. The way you play is just like in Stumble Guys, and you’ll have fun playing. It is a fantastic game with different levels that are challenging and give you a tough challenge.

So, come here now to get and put this game on your computer or device without wasting any time. The original game does not support all features for free. For instance, all the characters cannot be used. And all versions are secured. The camera is blurry, and all the maps cannot be accessed. The sound and picture could be better. The original game shows you such errors.

But don’t worry, guys. The ‘Kitka Games’ is the person or company that created this and it also created the Kipas Guys game. This game is now available in a modified version. You can easily download the revised version if you get Training Guys APK from our website. In this modified version, you have easy access to all the features, and all options are completely unlocked and unlimited.

In this example, you have access to all characters, and all maps are available for you to use. This game was created for people who use Android devices. Nowadays, you can play it on Windows and all smartphones. MAC OS and iOS are different operating systems. This game is created in many other languages. Some examples of speeches and regions include English, Indonesian, European, Japanese, Chinese, Arab, and so on. 

What Are The Unique Features Of Training Guys?

You can play this game with a lot of features. You will not see these features anywhere else. Download it now and start playing a fantastic game. It has the following features.

Customized Characters

The game allows you to create your characters. You can edit their dresses, weapons, and every feature. You can change your character to be unique in terms of attire. This section also provides you with skins of Police officers, cowboys, witches, etc.

Chance To Replay Again

While playing the game, there are many slopes where you fall. After that fall, you can always stand up again and start running. It never turns you off when you fall. You can always replay your race after standing up.

Different Competitions

You will have to compete in different competitions as per your selected theme. Every theme has its own set of matches for players. There are more than ten challenges in the form of completion at one level.

Play Against The Whole World

Training Guys is famous for this feature. It allows you to fight against anyone online, in any part of the world. You can compete with players from around the globe. It will enable you to play online with random players.

Play With FnF

The gameplay allows you to play against your friends and family members. In this option, you can type the username of the character your FnF has and compete against them mainly.

Play Soccer Match

This game allows you to play a soccer match and create your personalized team. You will get the options, and you will choose the team.

Challenges with Moving obstacles

You will get challenges with moving obstacles that will make it easy to pass the hurdle. These moving objects hint to you about the safe zone or give you a weapon you need.

What’s New In The Latest Version 0.68.1?

The Latest Version V0.68.1 has the following new updates. These are as follows

  • You can get red signals if there is any invisible enemy.
  • You can make your game exciting by having laughable falls of your character.
  • You can play in teams and capture the red flags of your opponents.
  • You can change the background of your game.
Can I personalize my character in the Training Guys?

The game allows you to personalize your character’s appearance, including clothing, accessories, and other customization options. You can create a unique avatar that represents your style and personality.

Are there rewards or achievements in the TrainingGuys?

Yes, it rewards you with in-game achievements, virtual currency, and other incentives as you progress through the game. These rewards can be used to unlock new features, customize your character, or access additional content.


If you want to play Guy’s game, you are in the right spot. This post has provided you with lots of information about this fantastic game. The limited version only has a few features. However, you will gain a lot if you download this game from our website. It has a modified version that you can use. Download the Training Guys APK to enjoy the fantastic sound and graphics. The game controls are just like the real thing and very lifelike. The camera takes apparent pictures. What are you waiting for? Go to our website today and get the game APK file for free.

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March 31, 2024