YMWhatsApp is one of the most popular and appreciated versions of WhatsApp in the Messaging Community. It quickly gained a great deal of popularity for its focus on simplicity and efficiency. What sets YM WhatsApp apart from other mods is its “lite” nature, meaning it takes up less space and consumes fewer resources on the device, making it an ideal choice for those with older devices or limited storage capacity. However the lightness of this design does not compromise functionality; indeed, it is the complete opposite. Using a free messaging app is common in today’s world.

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best technology creations. It helps people to connect for free and send any type of message to their friends and family. With that, lots of other copies of WhatsApp have developed like YM WhatsApp. This is a new modification of WhatsApp in which you will find lots of unique features that you do not find on the original one. So, download now to experience a new way of messaging.

YMWhatsapp Review:

It is probably one of the best MODs of WhatsApp that’s out there right now, and apart from all the features that we can ask of this type of application it works great, it’s constantly updated. This is an entirely original modification of the WhatsApp app. Because this isn’t the result of any kind of modification, which we love.

In addition, YM WhatsApp’s source code is very current, thanks to its continuous updates, and the fact that it gets even cooler as a result. It is one of the newest WhatsApp versions out there today because users have been using it more than their official version since they don’t feel limited by it. And here are some cool features that you can use with the YM WhatsApp app.

You’ll be able to download it and learn its features from this post. People are drawn to modified applications like YMWhatsApp for several reasons. BlueWhatsApp is another option for this purpose. These applications are found by fans to be superior to other WA Mods. Both are reliable, functional, and anti-ban despite their unofficial status. These new arrivals are now available for inspection. To save free APKs for Android devices, click the download icon now.

What Are The Main Features?

There are no other features we need from the app, and our developers will always surprise us with a new update that is dedicated to customization, privacy, security, additional features, or anything else you might be interested in. Here is a list of the key features of YM WhatsApp, so you can see what it’s got:

  • Easy user interface: This app is Well-known for its Optimized/Crash-Free App and Clean Layout.
  • Group Message Counter: This feature will keep you informed about how many messages are received from members of the institution so that you can see who is most active in your organization.
  • Anti-Ban: It’s got a full antiban function that’s going to prevent you from ever suspending your use of WhatsApp mods.
  • Save Status: You don’t need to ask your friend for a status you love, directly download it or save it.
  • Hide Message Seen: You will be stopped from showing a Double Tick and blue tick in another chat if you are reading some messages but don’t want to let them know before using this feature.
  • Hide blue ticks: With this feature, none of your contacts will know that you’ve read their messages and it works for groups as well.
  • Create polls in chats: YMWhatsApp will allow you to generate polls in groups and different chat rooms. Tap the Add, Polls, and Create buttons to create polls. Use the Options tap + Add button to enter your poll options. Change the order in which your poll options can be selected by tapping and holding.
  • Save view Once media: When your friends share media with you without your knowledge, WhatsApp YM allows you to save views. See Deleted messages: WhatsApp has an inbuilt feature called Delete for Everyone, which means if someone uses this feature against you, the deleted messages will never be deleted from your side.
  • Send videos and audio to 100 megabytes: You’ll be able to send a video or audio of at
  • At least 16MB on OriginalWhatsApp, but using it you can send as much as 100 MB.

What’s New In the Latest Version V36.2?

As we have already said, one of the most wonderful things about the app is that its updates are constantly updated, bringing new recent bases, important features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. All the new features of this application are listed here in full and officially.

  • View deleted messages.
  • Send mass messages.
  • You’re going to have to back up your data.
  • Make a schedule for messages and send automatic replies.
  • You can control the notifications from YMWhatsApp.
  • Get your YM WhatsApp locked.
  • Available for Android 5+
  • Airplane Mode
  • Call Button Disable
  • In-Built Junk Cleaner

Advantages and Disadvantages of YMWhatsapp:


  • Fully antiban features for free.
  • Advanced privacy control options for hiding last seen, status seen, and message seen.
  • Up to 100 MB capacity for sending high quality images and videos.
  • Enables you to see deleted messages and status reports, which will allow you to be kept up to date.


  • A lack of official notifications, as in the original WhatsApp.
  • There are potential compatibility problems with certain devices.
  • In comparison to a standard version of WhatsApp, some features may not be available.
  • Possible risks associated with the use of amended versions of this application.


The most recent messaging app for WhatsApp lovers is YM WhatsApp. It redefines how you communicate, with enhanced privacy controls, better quality sharing of media, and novel features like viewing erased messages and status updates. Experience a clean, sleek user interface, easy saving and downloading of the status information, as well as expanded media sharing capabilities. Get YMWhatsApp APK now to improve your WhatsApp experience and go into a new age of excellence in the communication field.

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March 18, 2024