While watching a 3D-animated movie have you ever thought of being a cartoon character or imagine yourself as a cartoon? I bet you have fantasies about it. I think this is the time to make that fantasy a reality. Because there is a new social media app known as ZEPETO APK that creates a 3D-animated character/avatar/emoji, that just looks like you. It is a very popular app nowadays around the world. Its download exceeds 10 million on the Google App Store.

ZEPETO Review:

It is a very cool and amazing app. It is gaining popularity very rapidly because it is fun, easy to use and you can surprise anyone with your 3D animated characters. The link to download the app is available at the bottom of this page. Go download it, have fun with friends, and do share this APP with friends.

ZEPETO APP creates a virtual clone of the user. When a user takes a photo from their phone camera or uploads a picture from a phone gallery in this app, it carefully captures the distinctive features of the face as precisely as possible. Then, it refabricates the user’s looks and converts it to a 3D avatar or cartoon.

Basically, it is a social media app that creates a digital version of the user. To get a digital version of yourself first, you have to download it. After downloading, install it on your phone. It needs access to your phone camera, microphone, and gallery. Then, get yourself registered. Registration requires an email or Facebook connection and a Google or WeChat account. Once you get registered get started with it and have fun.

What Are The Main Features?

  • You can create a digital clone of yourself and interact and socialize with the rest of the world.
  • You can take a walk on the streets of APP and mingle with others.
  • When you start, you don’t have many things like you have clothes and no items to decorate the place.
  • As you play on and participate in challenges while connecting with new people you earn coins.
  • When you unlock new items, clothes, and activities your level rises up.
  • In the ZEPETO world, we meet and connect with other avatars around the globe take pictures and make videos with them.
  • Users can change the hairstyles, hair color, and clothes of their avatar.
  • This application lets the client embellish the place with furniture, books, frames, and so on.
  • It provides in-app purchases.
  • Currency is used to buy things from the item shop.
  • Money is earned by playing mini-games, spinning the lucky spin once a day, playing three quests a day, or purchasing it with real money.
  • Convert avatars to stickers/emojis and send them to your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.


We debated too much about the app. Now it’s time to discuss some pros and cons of ZEPETO. This app accurately detects facial features. This will convert the avatars into emojis which can be used in other apps as well. It also has a mini-game but, it can be played only once a day. It doesn’t allow video or voice calls. This APP has limited styles for curly hair. Users have doubts about its access to the microphone and it created many misunderstandings and rumors among the users about the access but, the developers cleared their side by saying access to the microphone is only required during the recording of a video by the app camera.

Additional Details

February 21, 2024